Natural Fund (Fondo Natural) is a non-profit, non-governmental, environmental organisation, formally established in 1991, whose aim is to promote public attitudes toward involvement in nature protection, contributing to the well-being of society as a whole.


A bit of history: the beginnings

F ondo Natural was officially  established in spring of 1991, with the approval of the statutes and its registration in the Government of Aragon. However, we like to remember how the project took shape at the end of the 1980s, guided by well-known naturalists and conservationists, from the heart of conservation and environmental organizations where founders gained experience and discovered the possibilities of environmental action, both at voluntary and professional level.

Our aim is to encourage, inspire, coordinate and implement participative actions that make a positive impact on the environment, with special attention to most disadvantage territories and social groups.

Inspired by the World Conservation Strategy (IUCN, UNEP and WWF), we started to travel across the country to attend innumerable courses, meetings and seminars, where we met some of the leaders of the Spanish environmental movement at that moment, with whom we soon embarked on the creation of green youth clubs in Aragon. Also in 1990, we started to participate in the preparatory meetings for the Earth Summit, the major United Nations conference, held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, in cooperation with international personalities and organizations in the sector.

Work Camp, Germany, 1991.

Work Camp, Germany, 1991.

Since the early 1990s we began to participate, along with organizations such as Quercus, Euronatur, Fapas… in work camps and international exchanges with other young conservationists from all over Europe. Travels and meetings in Germany, Extremadura, France, Poland and United Kingdom provided another distinct and complementary vision of the predominant political environmentalism in our country. We discovered the reality of social needs and the environment, and what can be done to boost the change from a small organisation like Fondo Natural, through volunteering and community work, committed to the conservation of natural habitats and endangered species, collaborating with local authorities, the private sector and social entities… by running an innovative approach, open to new ideas and flexible, participatory, supportive, and collaborative with other like-minded organizations.

Commitment, solidarity, Independence, social inclusion, cooperation, transparency, austerity, progress.

Over the following years we never stopped exploring, discovering, experiencing and moving forward with the same spirit that encouraged us to begin this journey. As a result, new projects and campaigns emerged: Gallocanta and the route of the cranes, the defense of the ancient forest of “Gamueta” and the Brown Bear in the Pyrenees, the steppes of the Ebro Valley, the fight to safeguard rivers and banks against pollution, educational programs with schools, volunteering, plantations, clean-up days,  work camps…

In recent years, the celebration of the “Expo Zaragoza” in 2008, where Fondo Natural carried out tasks of coordination of the Citizens’ Initiative Pavilion, well known as “El Faro”, and the consequences of the financial crisis, have marked a turning point within the organization. After numerous meetings with diverse social organizations, we took the decision to step forward, and commit ourselves with new and more ambitious projects. Thus, we have modified our Statutes in order to broaden our scope at National level and include broader objectives, reinforcing the main mission of promoting the participation of the whole society in the protection of the environment, quality of life and sustainable development.

          asociacion fondo natural  
Vision: we work for a fairer and healthier world, in harmony with nature, where citizens, communities and institutions cooperate assuming their responsability to solve social and environmental issues, taking advantage of new opportunities for a satisfied life.


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